Tournament Results


Sporting Clay Tournament Results

Tournament NameTournament DateResults
January 28, 2018Classification Congrats to Matt Houtteman and Travis McLeod for breaking 96!! Matt is the CHAMP! Michael Suwinski is our Jackpot Winner $168!!TOURNAMENT RESULTS HERE
February 25, 2018Classification Congrats to Matt Grunzweig for breaking a 95!!! Thank you to all who came out to shoot on this very windy day. Michael Suwinski is our jackpot winner AGAIN!!! The jackpot score was 70 with a total of $94 in the jackpot.TOURNAMENT RESULTS HERE
March 25, 2018Classification Congrats to Matt Houtteman for breaking a 94!!!! Kim Jones and Steve Schindler will split the jackpot with a score of 77.CLICK HERE TOURNAMENT RESULTS
April 15, 2018Classification Congrats to Matt Houtteman for breaking a 95 on this icy day! Thank you to all who participated. No one won the jackpot so it will carryover to next month.CLICK LINK FOR TOURNAMENT RESULTS
May 20, 2018Classification Congrats to Matt Houtteman for breaking a 92!! AND to Cyril Jones for breaking a 90 in AA class!! WAY TO GO!!! We have 4 jackpot winners--Luann Minore, Erick Wicklund, Jason Binando, and Dan Walsh!!!CLICK FOR TOURNAMENT RESULTS
June 24, 2018Classification Congrats to Fred Kaschak for breaking a 97 on the BLUE COURSE and 88 on the RED COURSE!!!CLICK HERE FOR TOURNAMENT RESULTS
July 6, 7, 8, 2018Thank you to ALL of our participants!!! 2018 By*Pas-CCI-Pacific Sporting Arms-Quest Motorstate Results 2018 Motorstate Added Money Awards
July 29, 2018CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR THREE 100 STRAIGHT SHOOTERS--MATT HOUTTEMAN, DAVE SCHMIDT, AND BILL STONE. MATT HOUTTEMAN IS OUR HOA CHAMP WHO IS COMPED FOR OUR NEXT TOURNAMNET. We had a lot of great scores today!!! Thank you to all who participated 🙂PDF Version of Results July 2018 Sporting Clay Results Winscore Results Click Here for Winscore Results
September 23, 2018CONGRATS TO JERRY PERZERK AND CARMI MCROBERT FOR SHOOTING A 99 ON THE BLUE COURSE!!! WAY TO GO!! Fred Kaschak won the Red Jackpot and Jacki McRobert and Jeff Vrba will split the Blue Jackpot. Bill Henson won our TOP HOA Shoot Off and will be comped for our next Competition.CLICK HERE FOR A PDF VERSION OF RESULTS--September 2018   CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS ON WINSCOREONLINE
October 28, 2018Congratulations to Travis Mcleod for breaking a 99 and to Dave Schmidt for breaking a 98 on the blue course today!!! Our Top 5 winner is Matt Houtteman, who will be comped for next month's tournament.
2018 October Results
2018 October Results
November 18, 2018Congratulations to our Blue Course winners Steve Trudeau and Matt Houtteman-98 and our Red Course winner Matt Houtteman-90. Matt Houtteman is the Top 5 winner.Click here for the PDF Results for November 2018
December 9, 2018Congratulations to our Blue Course winners Matt Houtteman and Fred Kaschak for breaking a 99!!!! Our Red Course Winner Ken Ruhstorfer for breaking a 93!!!! Way to go guys! Matt Houtteman, Ken Ruhstorfer, Fred Kashcak, Matt Topor, and Bill Lanava shot off for the Top 5 HOA--Matt Houtteman was our Top 5 HOA winner and will receive a comped entry into our next month's tournament. December 2018 PDF RESULTS CLICK HERE FOR THE WINSCORE RESULTS


Skeet Tournament Results

Tournament DateTournament NameResults
April 7, 2018 - April 8, 20182018 Springtime Open2018 Springtime Open Results--Click Link For Results
May 5, 2018 - May 6, 20182018 Lou Raden 12 Winners Report 20 Winners Report 28 Winners Report 410 Winners Report DBL Winners Report HOA Event Winners Report
June 2, 2018 - June 3, 20182018 Chet CritesChet Crites 2018
July 13, 2018 - July 15, 20182018 Morrissey Motorstate 2.0 2018 Motorstate Skeet
August 23 - 26, 20182018 State ShootWinners Summary
September 14 -16, 20182018 Kasle2018 Kasle
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